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Dr. Rareș Căpitan EN

Dr. Rareș Căpitan – Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Rareș Căpitan – Dermatologist Resident Veterinarian  ECVD - European College of Veterinary Dermatology
ESVD Member – European Society of Veterinary Dermatology

Founding member and Presedent of SRDV - Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology

ISHAM Member - International Society For Human and Animal Mycology

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of USAMV Bucharest in 2006.

Immediately after graduation was employed within the Veterinary Sanitary Department Prahova where he served in various control and food safety in meat processing units in the county. 

Thereafter followed a period of pharmaceutical knowledge working for various prestigious multinational companies including Abbott and Wyeth..

Starting with autumn 2009 he started the project Regatul Animalelor – Veterinary Services with two other fellow doctors.

He is passionate about everything related to veterinary dermatology and wants also in Romania veterinary dermatology services to be provided to international standards. 

He actively participated as a lecturer or instructor of presentations and practical work in Romania and other European countries (Bulgaria, Austria) sharing knowledge and passion with other veterinarians 

  • November 2013 Constanta RO: Bayer Dermatology Academy
  • March 2014 Bucharest RO: Canine atopic dermatitis: treat it or not?
  • April 2014 Sibiu RO: Canine atopic dermatitis: pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and therapy
  • May 2014 Bucharest RO: Pruritic dog: clinical presentation, diagnosis and therapy approach
  • June 2014: Varna BG: Canine Atopic Dermatitis: The newest therapy.
  • July 2014: Viena A: ESAVS module II with Dr. Chiara Noli.
  • October 2014 Bucharest RO: SRDV National Congress. The best therapy in otitis externa: chronic and acute.
  • November 2014 Bucharest RO: European specialization in veterinary medicine..
  • March 2015: Bucharest RO: Workshop: The key to accurate diagnosis in dermatology.
  • April 2015: Constanta RO: Workshop: The key to accurate diagnosis in dermatology.
  • June 2015: Timisoara RO: Workshop: The key to accurate diagnosis in dermatology.
  • July 2015: Cluj RO: Workshop: The key to accurate diagnosis in dermatology.
  • October 2015 Bucharest RO: SRDV National Congress. Trichogram

In recent years he graduated intensive courses, seminars and Workshop together with famous veterinary dermatologists from Europe:

November 2011 Dermatology and cytology Workshop module I (Chiara Noli DVM Dip ECVM)
April 2012 Scientific advances in the management of dermatological diseases (Didier Noel Carlotti DVM Dip. ECVD)
May 2012 Dermatology and cytology Workshop module II  (Chiara Noli DVM Dip ECVM)
11-12 August 2012 Conferinta de dermatologie Bucuresti Dr. Craig Griffin (USA), Dr. Wayne Rosenkrantz (USA)  
November 2012 The 7th AMVAC (Romanian Veterinarian Association for companion animals) Congress +WSAVACE
Danny W. Scott DVM, DACVD, DACVP(Hon)Professor of MedicineCornell University Ithaca, New York (USA) 
Alberto Martin Cordero DVM Assistant Profesor Dep. Veterinary Medicine University of Guadalajara Veterinary Dermatology San Francisco Veterinary Clinic (Mexic)
Feb-April 2013 International Clerkships for Practicing Veterinarians at Ohio State University - Dermatology and Otology (Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MACVSc, Diplomate ACVD, Associate Professor and Dermatology Service Chief; Lynette Cole, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVD, Associate Professor; Wendy Lorch, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVD, Assistant Professor)
25 mai 2013 Medical Forum - Dermatologie - Dr. Dip ECVD Didider Noel Carloti
2-3 August Conferinta de Dermatologie Veterinara - Dr. Chiara NOLI DVM Dip ECVD
12 - 23 August 2013 The European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) Dermatology II, Vienna / Austria  Dr. Craig Griffin (USA), Dr. Wayne Rosenkrantz (USA)  Prof. Dr. David Lloyd (UK) Co-lecturers: Dr. David Grant (UK), Dr. Otto Fischer (AT), Prof. Dr. Ilse Schwendenwein (AT), Dr. Chiara Noli (IT), Dr. Anna Meredith (UK), Dr. Jane Dobson (UK)
2-3 October 2013 Conferinta de Dermatologie Veterinara  4 Dr. Chiara NOLI DVM Dip ECVD
2014 - Prezent: medic veterinar dermatolog rezident ECVD avand ca mentor pe Chiara Noli DVM Dip ECVM
June 2014 Belgium: ESVD Workshop on Skin biology Ultrastructure and function -  Dr. Keith Linder DipACVP, Dr. Thierry Olivry DipACVD and Dr. Monika Welle Prof. Institute for Animal Pathology University of Bern
September 2014 Austria, Salzburg: ESVD-ECVD Congress
October 2014 Bucharest SRDV National congress
November 2014 Nantes France: ESVD Workshop, Clinical Pathology
March - April 2015 San Siego CA USA: Animal Dermatology Clinic, residency program with Dr. Craig Griffin
April 2015 Nashville TN USA: NADF: North American Dermatology Forum
June 2015 Cremona, Italia: ECVD Workshop Dermatopathology
September 2015 Krakow, Polonia: ESVD-ECVD Congress
October 2015 Torino, Italia: 2th International Veterinary Mycology Course

He is now married with Alina Căpitan and has two children, Daria and Cezar.

He is the proud owner of a common breed female dog of 4 years , Florica, and a 7 years cat, Pufi.

For the general house happiness, Ambra, a Scotish fold kitten has recently joined the family.

Doctor Rareș Căpitan sees only dermatological consultations

See details about Veterinary Dermatology Service here

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